The company


From Stockholm to Öresund!

Our headquarters are located in Hultsfred, in the southern Swedish province of Småland. Fasadia was founded here in 1981. Its founders were Nils Sarbrant and Göran Nilsson. The duo had worked in the industry for a long time when they decided to set up their own business.
For many years the company’s main market was the province of Småland and neighbouring county of Östergötland. Today it is considerably larger and is served by sales offices in Strömsnäsbruk, Stockholm and Malmö in addition to the headquarters. This geographic expansion has taken place since the company was acquired by Myrina Invest AB in 2006.

All around the Baltic!

The company established a base in Stockholm in 2009 and opened an office in Malmö in 2011. The growing Öresund region is also part of the facade division’s vision: to establish its position as one of the leading players in the Baltic region.
Our strengths are the in-depth technical knowledge of our employees, combined with our experience in the industry and relationships we have built up with leading building companies and suppliers in Sweden.
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