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Our success rests on the future of our employees

In recent years the facade division of the Myrina Group has also been very successful in the Nordic market. This success has always been built on the efforts of our employees. We are now set for the next phase in our growth. You too can play a part in realising this growth.
It is our ambition to establish more offices around the Baltic Sea. Our growth is founded on our core values, which are based on striving for excellence through involvement, good relationships and a long-term perspective. Our aim is to understand the requirements and deliver the ideal solution, in every situation.

Grow with us

This means that your most important contribution is your drive and knowhow. You should also find it natural to work as part of a team, contributing to growth through your collective efforts.
At the same time you will find that this is a work place where every employee has excellent opportunities to grow in his or her professional role, and as an individual. Our employees are involved in key events, look forward to new challenges and are keen to take the responsibility we give them. Business at each of the companies in the group also involves close links with the owners and the board.
Our core values are

Involvement – both within and outside the company, of course. Involvement means that individuals have a responsibility to contribute and show understanding, as well as setting their own clear requirements. Improvement and development demand that everyone is involved all the time.

Good relationships – with our colleagues and in our business dealings. This provides a natural incentive to stay in contact, to communicate clearly and to show an honest interest in others.

Long-term perspective – This does not mean that we cannot change our minds or finish an assignment, but that we build for the long term. We do not look for the quick solution, but for strong, sustainable growth that will stand the test of time.

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